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The core of our business model is to sell alternative road construction products and solutions with roads being constructed up to five times faster while reducing costs up to 50%. The idea of low cost, environmentally friendly road construction methods is of huge importance and significance to every government and private organization relying on solid infrastructure.

Our Products


SOLIDSOIL VR2 Polymer Soil Stabilizer

A water-based polymer emulsion specifically developed as an admixture for the stabilization of sub-base layers in heavily trafficked roads.


SOIL-CEM PLUS Soil Cement Stabilizer

A complex modified polymer additive enhances and increases the strength and flexibility of stabilized road layers and improves the overall performance of cement bounded materials used in road construction.


SYNTHO-SEAL Polymer Road Sealant

A specially formulated polymer seal which effectively binds several millimeters of the base layer surface while enhancing water resistance, abrasion and corrosive properties of the base layer.


SEAL-MASTER PRO Polymer Asphalt Sealant

Works as a sealer by creating a molecular bond with oxidized asphalt surfaces and penetrates imperfections including cracks and eruptions in the asphalt surface. Seal-Master Pro makes the surface impervious to water, petroleum products and most common chemicals.


DUSTSTOP 35o Polymer Dust Suppressant

A special blend of surfactants, which increases the ability of water to wet and suppress road dust. It has a cumulative effect in suppressing dust.


ROADGRIP VR216 Surface Sealant

A modified Epoxy binder for use on all types of road surfaces including asphalt, polymer stabilized and cement stabilized roads.

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Key applications

Road Construction
Mining Roads
Road Repair
Military Use
Green Energy

Who Benefits?

Road designers & engineers
Geotechnical consultants
General site contractors
Public works officials
Government & municipalities

With soil stabilization constituting 40% – 60% of total construction costs, this becomes an obvious area to examine. By using in situ soil, which eliminates material transportation, this system decreases the cost of road construction by up to 40%. It increases the strength, stability and durability of roads and outperforms other stabilization techniques. Soil material treated with these products prevent water penetration, frost heaving, pot holes and rutting, while ensuring road safety.

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Building Better Roads