Since 2008, Solid Roads has developed a wide range of eco-friendly products which increase the strength, waterproofing characteristics and longevity of roads. Similar systems have and continue to be used throughout the world. Due to the environmental and economic benefits provided, our systems have become the fastest growing alternative for all types of road construction projects.

Solid Roads offers high quality, specially formulated polymer based soil stabilizers, sealants and turn-key solutions catered to each individual customers technical and financial requirements.

Solid Roads International Ltd guarantees the highest manufacturing standards through Building Chemical Research (BCR UK), an established UK speciality building chemical production company with manufacturers recognized accreditation’s (including ISO 9000 Certification). We also have purchasing agreements signed with the largest polymer manufacturers in the world.

Due to our diversified product range and its wide range of uses, Solid Roads is able to reach any type of customer. Solid Roads, its agents and distributors target Federal/Local municipalities, mining companies as well oil & gas exploration and production companies.

The core of our business model is to sell alternative road construction products and solutions with roads being constructed up to five times faster while reducing costs up to 50%. The idea of low cost, environmentally friendly road construction methods is of huge importance and significance to every government and private organization relying on solid infrastructure. Our agents and distributors have been provided with all the technical information with regards to our products, application methods, machinery and testing requirements. They in turn target the prospective clients mentioned above. Additionally, our agents and distributors keep tabs on all projects after they are completed.

In keeping up with the constant changes within the soil stabilization industry, our team at Solid Roads and BCR UK are constantly monitoring the global soil stabilization market. We follow up on our competitor’s developments, the use of other soil stabilization methods as well as research reports issued by organizations, journals and universities worldwide. Due to the experience our company has as well as BCR UK in this field, we believe we are ahead of the competition.

In addition, I am pleased to inform you that Solid Roads International received the 2016 Construction & Engineering award from Corporate Livewire out of a pool of 30,000 companies from across the globe.

In conclusion, our current strategy is to grow the distribution network, provide Solid Roads solutions throughout Africa and surrounds. Long term, our goal is to analyze those markets which require the development of manufacturing facilities. Solid Roads will work with local investors who have interest in constructing these types of facilities. We have confidence in our products and we believe the development of our distribution network and the construction of manufacturing facilities will help grow shareholder value exponentially.

UK independent laboratory and Republic of Armenia test certifications are available on request. The UK lab certifications confirm that Soil-Cem Plus can be used with any type of soil including recycled asphalt, concrete and crushed rock. More importantly, the UK tests prove that Soil-Cem Plus works with all types of CLAY soils. Clay soils are the most difficult type of material to work with in the road construction industry. The Armenia testing certification was provided by the Republic of Armenia Transport Ministry and confirms the application of Soil-Cem Plus increases the tensile strength and UCS (Unconfined Compressive Strength) of the tested soil when compared with the traditional method of Soil/Cement applications.

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