Makes Asphalt Surfaces Impervious To Water

DESCRIPTION: Seal-Master Pro was developed for the maintenance and care of asphalt surfaces that include Airport Tarmacs, Fuel Storage Areas, Truck Stops, Parking Lots, and Driveways. Seal-Master Pro works as a sealer by creating a molecular bond with oxidized asphalt surfaces and penetrates imperfections including cracks and eruptions in the asphalt surface. Seal-Master Pro makes the surface impervious to water, petroleum products and most common chemicals. Similar products have been tested on airfield pavements and approved by the US Air Force. Seal-Master Pro is available in a carbon black or clear white finish.


  • Protects all asphalt surfaces
  • Produces a slip resistant coating
  • Low Volatile Organic Content (VOC)
  • Environmentally safe
  • Water resistant
  • Impervious to petroleum and chemical products
  • Increases asphalt life span

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