Soil Sealer, Stabilizer and Dust Control

DESCRIPTION: Syntho-Seal is a modified co-polymer road sealant for dirt and gravel surfaces. Its polymer compounds are designed to penetrate soils and provide a long-lasting seal against erosion. Syntho-Seal provides protection against dust, mud and erosion as experienced by secondary road systems and also acts as a dust suppressant and stabilizing sealant. The combination using in- situ soils and Syntho-Seal reduces construction and maintenance costs significantly.


  • Water repellent
  • Becomes an integral part of the road as a synthetic membrane
  • 24-hour curing time
  • Acts as a dust suppressant
  • Protects against erosion
  • No leaching
  • Ultra violet stable
  • Long life expectancy for pathways and walkways
  • Easy maintenance (if required)

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